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We are facing a child obesity crisis; 1 in 3 children leave primary school obese.

Pioneer Sports Academy aim to inspire and nurture the future generation through sport. Our work helps young children develop a love for sport and fitness. We have a holistic approach and work with teachers and leadership teams to ensure that the programmes we run are right for your students. We offer out of school hours programmes as well as curricular support, extended day care and fun and engaging holiday camps. 


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Curricular Support

For some children school is the only place for them to learn and engage in sport and physical activity. It is crucial for schools to provide high quality provision led by engaging role models in order to inspire children to fall in love with sport. We offer professional and expert advice with your P.E curriculum and enrichment programmes as well as providing specialist sports programme blocks to provide variety and expose students to a wider range of sports.

Children will develop confidence, teamwork, fitness and a love for sport as a result of our programmes.

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Extra Curricular Programmes

Our Extra curricular programmes designed to teach students the technical skills required to excel in each sport within a fun environment. We offer clubs in a range of sports from football and basketball to more niche sports such as Taekwondo and Judo. 




Ofsted registered Holiday Camps

Surprisingly, the school holidays are when children are the least active. Studies show that children lose up to 80% of their fitness they have built up during time due to lazy time off. Sign up your children to our action packed Holiday camps. Our camps are full of fun sports and activities such as Martial Arts, Football and Basketball as well as taking part in Arts and Crafts. There will also be prizes to be won throughout the week.

For schools who are interested in providing sports holiday camps contact us today to find out how we can build a mutually beneficial partnership 


Ofsted registered extended day care.

Our sports based extended day care is a great way for children to engage in physical activity after school. Parents are working longer hours and often have to pay high fees for childcare. Find out how we can partner with your school to set up a Ofsted Registered extended day care programme packed with fun fitness and sport.